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To contact anyone in the Priory Directory, just click on the first letter below of the surname by which you knew them at Priory. This will take you to the page of that letter. Names are then listed in alphabetic order. To read their interview, click on the beside their name. A pink indicates that there is also a reunion interview. Click on it to view.

Keep the new addresses coming!!! If you visit the site and haven't yet contacted me, why not let me have your e-mail address. There are new people coming on board all the time and the list of who is seeking who grows bigger each week. E-mail me.

If you have sent me your e-mail address previously and I haven't listed you (due to my poor organisation) please tell me straight away! Thanks everyone for introducing others to the site.

If you change your e-mail address, please tell me and I'll update the Directory quickly.

If you have sent me a questionnaire but no up to date picture, please send it soon!

If you are listed here and wish to have your e-mail address removed, click here to e-mail me.

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