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Remember Wendy Seiler?

Attended Priory


Most Unforgettable Teacher at Priory

Mrs. Gregory. I now appreciate her draconian style of teaching! :) Actually, she was a major influence on my decision to become a teacher. Honourable mention to wonderful Nora Hernould who had more knowledge in her fingertips than I will ever amass in a lifetime.

Best Friends at Priory

Denise Levy, Denise Henry, Monique Benghiat, Ann Guilfoyle, Frederique Westhoff, Douglas Galbraith, Michael Lee, and my last "best"friend, Debbie Dougal

Who Are You in Touch With Now From Your Priory Days?

Spoke to Debbie Dougal a few years ago, but sadly can't find anyone else.

Who Would You Like to Trace?

 Any of the aforementioned folk. (Stephen's note: - Denise Henry is listed here. Over to you two! Debbie Dougal can be found at

What Is the Wildest Thing You Ever Did When You Were At Priory?

Climbed the fence behind Kindergarten over to Simon Dixon's house. Proceeded to Devon House with the rest of the miscreants. Got caught by Laura Downey's mom. The only time I skipped school and got caught. The story of my life....

Who Was the Craziest Person You Knew?

 The boys in my 6th form. I remember them with fondness.

Where Do You Live and What Do You Do Now?

I live in suburbia. egads! Winter Springs (not a spring in sight) Florida. Central Florida, actually. I teach 5th grade at a little back-o-wall school and LOVE IT!

Tell Us About Any Significant Other(s)

None to speak of...

What Do You Think of this Priory Website?

Thanks for the opportunity to reconnect and re-live old memories.

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