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Remember Suzanne Reid

Suzanne Reid 1989

Suzanne Reid 2008




When did you attend Priory

  1984 - 1989


What was your nickname at Priory?



How did you locate the Priory website?

I was told about the website by Keisha Anderson

Keisha Anderson


Who were your most memorable teachers?

Mrs. Janilee Abrikian for Spanish, Mrs. Claudette Carter and Mrs. Nancy Anderson were my classroom teacher.


Mrs. Janilee Abrikian and Mrs Claudette Carter


Who were your best friends at Priory?

Bridget Eaton, Keisha Anderson, Sanda Lee, Elizabeth 'Betty' Cole and Dorothy Hylton. Different personalities so we made a great team both in school and out (parties!!)....LOL

Bridget Eaton


Who are you in touch with today?

I am in touch with Sanda Lee, Keisha Anderson, and Bridget Eaton. I have spoken with Mario Brodrick, Dorothy Hylton and Marvin Stewart on and off over the years, whenever I get back to Jamaica, which is far and few in between the years. Oh and I just found out like 4 months ago that I live in the same townhouse complex as Ghenette Wright, we spoke but both our memories were kind of shady, but we both knew we went to the famous – THE PRIORY HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!

Sanda Lee


Who would you like to track down?

My graduation class, I would love to everyone and a guess a few more from the class that came after us--- like Devon Cawley!!!!


Devon Cawley


What was the wildest thing you did at Priory?

Cutting class and jumping the fence to go to Officers Club, hanging out at bottom field or go to plaza in Half Way Tree.


Tell us about your memories of Priory

I loved my high school years at Priory; I look back as the best years of my life, so far-- the different people I met from different countries around the world, the parties at school and out. Priory was a great school and I received a great foundation to further my education and start my career on.


Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

I thought everyone there was crazy at one time or another.


Where do you live and what do you do nowadays?

I current live in Sunrise, Florida with my two boys. I am Human Resources Generalist. I work for Spherion Corporation in addition to starting my own business of designing, building and maintaining websites.


Tell us about any significant others

I have two wonderful boys. Steffon, 8 years old and Mailk, 5 years old. I am currently single and enjoying myself.



Tell us about your most unusual meeting with a Priory person

In July 08, I ran into Ghenette Wright, at a political meeting. When she walked in the room I keep looking at her because I knew I knew her, so when she was ready to leave I asked her if she knew me. She said I looked familiar I asked her if she use to go to Priory and BAM!!!, that was it. She is an attorney here in Sunrise, FL and she lives in my townhouse complex. Who would have guessed it, we were so close and never even knew it all these years!!!

Ghenette Wright

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What do you think of the Priory Website?

It’s great!! I found a few new people, but I wish more of my old classmate knew about the website. Can try to have a reunion of the Class of 89 & 90….




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