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Remember Susie Sasso?


    Susie 1972

Susie with grandchildren Christopher and Rose 2006


When did you attend Priory?



Who was your most unforgettable teacher?

Marie Gregory is/was always the most memorable!....She taught me English and Literature. I started out by being terrified of her, but ended up having the utmost respect and appreciation for her! She's an "awesome" individual!

Mrs. Marie Gregory


Who were your best friends at school?

Carolyn Lindo, Caroline Launcelot, Yolanda Seiler, Cornelia Radzioch, Yvonne Sadler, Astrid Schwab, Jennifer Brand.


Yvonne Sadler


Who are you in touch with now?  

Thanks to your website, I'm now in contact with Yolanda Seiler, Jennifer Brand, Robert (Bully) Joseph, and my favourite teacher, Mrs. Marie Gregory!



                                                                                                               Jennifer Brand                  Robert 'Bully' Joseph


 Who would you like to trace if we could?

I would love to hear from all of the above mentioned people!.......It's been such a long time, and it would really make my day!!

Carolyn Lindo


What's the wildest thing you ever did at Priory?

Nothing really to speak of!......I was always one of the quieter ones, who just enjoyed laughing with/at my friends' antics!!



Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

David Elrod stands out in my mind.....he always gave the teachers a hard time, and I thought he was so funny, and soooo cute!!.....I had quite a crush on him, but I guess I was too shy to let him know..... (How very sad!!!!!!!)

David Elrod


Where do you live and what do you do now?

I have lived in Canada for the past 32 years!.......I now live in Brooklin, Ontario, with my husband, Chris and my two wonderful kids, Andrew, 29, and Natalie, 25, and have just recently been blessed with two beautiful grand-babies! I used to work (emphasis on the words "used to"!) but I'm now lucky enough to be a stay-at-home wife and mum! I have a handsome but fractious Chocolate Lab, who keeps me company during the day, until I see/hear from them!!


                                                   Andrew with Phoenix Rose             Natalie with Jessiah Christopher


Tell us about any significant others

My significant other's name is Chris. I met him in Jamaica in 1973, he followed my family and myself to Canada in 1974, we got married in 1975, and the rest is history!!



What do you think of the Priory site?

I think your website is fantastic!.....I look forward to visiting it every week!........I wish I'd have known about it long ago!......Who knows who I might have gotten in contact with by now!......Keep up the great work!




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