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Remember Simon Finch

Simon Finch 1975

Simon Finch 2008




When did you attend Priory

  !972 - 1978


What was your nickname at Priory?

sometimes ... Symple?


How did you locate the Priory website?


... or did Priory find me ...?

My big sister saw it and told me ... she always try everything before me ...

Sarah Finch 1975


I couldn't send a contact before , because my computer was something of an eccentric stone-age communications craft , (... a bit like me ...) , anyway i noticed that some people seem reticent to express too much wordage in these response boxes , so i thought i would come fill some space and represent ...




Who were your most memorable teachers?


Several diverse minds , bodies and spirits of 'person-ability' cast their formative mouldings upon me , yunno ... for different manners of reason and expression ; and each teacher leaving a reflection of , and reference to ,  the objective aspiration of learning , in a wider common-sense-of-the-word . I guess it was the 'HenryFowlerParadigm' inna Show-The-Way style'an'patte'n .


Of the members of staff , with whom I had regular contact at the time ... Mrs Yamoah (TheGhanaConnection) , Mrs Lowe (who kept me busy with errands , more time than I spent in class! ) ,

Mrs. Mary Lowe


Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Farrow (of the Res'-Speck!-Will-Be-Do!! massive),

Mrs Beryl Farrow


Mrs Sarah Gomes - a lovely soul , Rev. Mr Foster - calm and erudite ,

Mrs. Sarah Gomes


Mr Day for his enthusiasm and spirit ... and those who tease and nurture the creative matter (singers 'n' players), as they tried to help us open our imaginations  with a spark from their open minds -Mr French(?) in music and Mr Davis(!) in art  , Mr Batten ... unassailable .. in a good many of the way(!) and  Mr Bourke , of whose higher reasonings of human concern, I was not fortunate to directly partake .


Mr. John Batten


In Life , I feel that we have good fortune to cross the path of even one faithful teacher , someone who can show one likkle mind asking  one likkle sum'ting question ,    ' ... why ...? "           ... we can always be learning as we grow . And in that respectful regard , I consider that we in the Priory haven were truly blessed .


Perhaps two people I met at Priory , and who I have not seen since too many a year , will remain in my memory banks , kinda like some core applications in the operating system of the bio-logic-computer-I-AM ; and who , in my pre-ado schoolboy perception , gave me not just an example of knowledge - but one of wisdom , humility and compassion ; of standards and ideals ; how to be determined and  discerning , yet non-judge-mental ... all to be found through the pursuit of being open to bettering oneself , in an imaginative and fun way ; and to seek inspiration and purpose in good measure .... at the most , that is how I see them . I have ever since carried this impression made upon me ... and 'borne-through'... by Mrs Norah Hernould and Mr Peter Chavannes ,



Mrs. Norah Hernould and Mr. Peter Chavannes


two souls who lent bearing and guidance for my future reference and insight-of/out-to-the-world ... and they shared that sensitivity and sensibility with all who gathered around them , in an open , giving exchange that only leaves me to reflect that our time of friendship was short in the passing , yet long in the Ever-standing . Thought Word and Deed ... meet ... WordSoundandPower . To be fair and true ... and ... to be .

Any and all ways , that is what I got from the experience , and I have many-a-time said my silent graces to you both over the years , for showing me the signs ... so now I chant it loud!

JustLove , That Is All ..



Who were your best friends at Priory?

Many over the years I attended school ... I know I didn't  have the time , at a later age perhaps , to reach a deeper level with some of these folks .... but all was beauty in diversity ... Douglas Melville , Nigel Richards , Robert Jones , Christine Gonsalves , Geraldine Sheehan , Andrew Wilmot , David Penso , Emela Simmon , Kendal Cameron , Roberta Stoddart , Alistair Wint , Michael Abrahams .... and many other good people , who I missed greatly upon leaving .    


Andrew Wilmot, David Penso, Emela Simmon, Kendal Cameron and Robert Stoddard

Who are you in touch with today?

nada ... nulle personne ... nicht volk ... nuhbaddy


Who would you like to track down?


all de bad bwoy dem ... jus fe see how dem shape up pon de 'straight and narrow' ... and all de wild gal ... jus fe see how dem shape up on the outer curve of tings !

 ....... anyone and everyone .... Just for the fun of it !



What was the wildest thing you did at Priory?


Well ...apart from a youthful habit of exploring the grounds of Jamaica House via the storm gullies ... and occasional tree-climbing antics involving amphitheatres and performance-stimulating articles procured from the pop-ice man ...... not a lot ....


Although i did start off a little shakily .... i was newly arrived from Trinidad and beginning the new year in C2(?).  I found the reading and arithmetic , not only easy , but boring and repetitive , and I announced to Mrs Bicknell that i really might as well go home , as there wasn't anything better for me to do ....!!!


I was sent to 'see' Mr Fowler , creaking my way up the polished staircase , while my father was being sent for to arbitrate this strike - I think there was some earnest and concisely considered conversation , then , pending assessment , I was invited to leave school .  I went home , to return the next day to a new class a grade higher up ... .  Subsequently , I always regretted being much younger than my classmates ... and during the rest of my time , worked hard to keep my mouth shut..... !



Tell us about your memories of Priory and Jamaica


Priory was a special place to go for 'learning' - academic , social, cultural and philosophic levels all included . It was enhanced greatly by being located in Jamaica ( for me , during the 70s ) , and in a way dependent upon that fact for the true diversity and plurality of individuals and experience(s) that came in , or went out ! ...  of the gates . But the Jamdown factor was not just an exotic accessory - Priory was different in its conception , make-up and management , and in the school's way of breathing life into its proclaimed ethos .

 I still regret my time at Priory being cut short , and being sent to a 'prison' school in the UK , where I found the students and staff to be (for the most part) lacking in educational insight , cultural appreciation and knowledge of the world around them .... barriers all around .


I also missed the open-minded spirit which prevailed and was encouraged at Priory , and which has since repeatedly shown itself to be a distinctive quality that was embodied in the life of the school , and of the pupils . I missed the mix of merit and opportunity , communicating staff and students , friends I wanted to know later on , and just more good times before continuing the struggle out into the world .



Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?


Blessings Be for big mercies ... and Children Of Happiness !

Too many of the big folks in the senior years when i was a likkle one... I always felt Louise Caskie and Cyril Bailey were on a different trip ... but in a totally Higher Way !!!


Louise Caskie



Cyril Bailey


In my own year group a pure clowning style .... David Gonzales always held off all contenders , .... and as all-around MC and Dread-at-the-entertainment-controls ..... there was only ever One ... ... the man dey call "Stinky" ... Respect All Ways And All The Days ..



David Gonzalez and Michael 'Stinky' Abrahams


... oh yeah , and whoever it was who got into the habit of calling in bomb hoaxes to the JDF , with the result of frequent evacuations of the entire school to the playing fields , thus missing about two lesson periods ......  someone who didn't like double maths perhaps ....???!!!



Where do you live and what do you do nowadays?


I live in the Perigord region of SW France , between Limoges , Toulouse and Bordeaux . I have been here around twelve years , squatting the bush here in cro-magnon land.



I am slow-ly renovating my house , and land , and that just about keeps me busy , luckily , as I have no job ! I have been vegan for 24 years , hence a big part of escaping from the city to live in the countryside is so that I can (try to) grow my food , and work the land .... my likkle bit of land , and to protect it .


I am interested in natural building materials and ecological construction , alternative technologies , organic-Ital-vegan culture , Global Rootical Expressions , and the fulfilment of our human potential in our evolutionary quest to ascend ... and to take this living of life on Earth to a higher level of existence .


I may be what many may consider extreme or actively un-balanced in my outlook on the world ..... but so is the world we have fashioned, and I am as much a reflection of that , as I am of  I-Higher Nature . Nature is our bearer of life , and I feel I will continue to set my personal example before myself , and then to others , to spend more time consuming less , avoiding wasteful practices and generally trying not to pollute or destroy this Earth we all depend upon .


Maybe , One day when we learn to respect Mother Earth , and all the living creatures thereof , may be , we will learn to open our hearts and minds to respect and to love ourselves ....


I am a singer /songwriter , with much unpublished material , and I am born to perform and share some love .... so if you are interested , you can take a quick look's a likkle video I made last summer




(If you can't open the YouTube video on this page, click here to go to the YouTube site and view)


or you can check me , and more tunes and artwork , and mebbe even some mo'radical ranting at


TrueHigherConsciousness ~ TotalHumanCompassion


JustLove All That Is ...



Tell us about any significant others


I am blessed with a funky and beautiful son and daughter  who live in a bog in the west of Ireland .


Amy , is 15 , lives to devour huge books , pasta and chocolate biscuits ( in that order ) and aspires to either be a company lawyer or Mafia Don , whichever makes more money .....!!!


Dylan is 12 , into hip-hop dance , gymnastics and swimming and .... inspired reggae music .


They are both magical-souls-in-the-making , and I give thanks that I had some small part to play ...  I do not live with my children , so I cannot say they are the only light in my world .... but they are the light I will follow ....


Tell us about your most unusual meeting with a Priory person


Years ago , about 1980-81 , transiting through Heathrow airport , checking in for my flight to Ja. , I literally almost bumped right into a beaming Nigel Richards , who for some reason , was travelling to Singapore , and had recognized me and was hailing me before I had even seen his good self . I was taken by surprise , and didn't quite gather meself in the short few minutes that we had together , there in the middle of one of the busiest transportation hubs on the planet . And then he was gone . Nigel was one of the first friends I made at Priory , and throughout my stay , he never veered from the line where our paths initially crossed .


Nigel Richards


He had endured great pain and hardship early in life as a result of a cruel accident , and very early on for me , he became a personal example of what a compassionate spirit and a will for life can provide... and share through friendship . The brief meeting was a flash reminder of that , at a moment when I needed to remember . Yunno , sometimes , we never really talk it out in words what makes 'our' people special to us - it just stay so on a Heartical level of things .


What do you think of the Priory Website?


I think , therefore , I am many before me , grateful to Stephen for following his initial inspiration to put this site together . In today's world , we need to connect with those we know , and knew ... and the virtual network does carry the vibes !!!


We all know that this requires much time and hard work to assemble and keep it all going ...  it don't happen by magic , but it sure ain't no coincidence either ...


Big Up the Craft-ikal Web Maestro !!



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ęStephen Smith 2008

Published on the Priory Website Sunday 25th May 2008


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