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Remember Robbie Malcolm?


    Robbie 1972

Robbie today



"I was at Priory from 1966-1972. It was some of the happiest days of my life. No school could compare.

I'll always remember my last day in Kingston. We were about to leave to get our ship when the phone rang and it was Mr. Fowler. He'd got all my classmates and friends together around the phone and they all wished me Bon Voyage! then they spoke to me individually. You wouldn't get that here.

Mr. Fowler then came back on the phone and I'll always remember his last words to me. He said "Roberta, I hope to see your name up in lights one day". If you visit the 1971-72 year book you'll see why. I was in the Drama club run by Mrs. Bourke and we did a production of 'The Bear' by Chekhov at the Little Theatre which I believe Mr. & Mrs. Fowler were associated with. (I was in class B2// in '72).

Robbie, Stafford Harrison and Tammy Bourke

Well I didn't quite get there with my name in lights but I did have a little bit of a singing career and actually trod the boards at the London Palladium in a 'Say no to drugs' campaign with a friend of mine who was an Elvis impersonator. Not quite what Mr. Fowler had in mind I feel.

Robbie at the London Palladium

I can't believe that Mr. Fowler is still alive! I wonder if he remembers me. Do you have contact with him? Please give him my heartfelt regards. He was the best Headmaster anyone could wish to have.

I joined the Kent Police in 1977. I met my husband who was also a police officer and left the Force in 1982 when my first son Steven was born. I had another son, Andrew, 17months later.

Robbie the policewoman

After a stint at being a postman higher grade, I went to College to study to become a fitness instructor. Now 20 years later I've specialised in exercise rehabilitation for cardiac and doctors' referrals. I am now Exercise Referrals Coordinator for Thanet Leisureforce based at Margate.

I find it a very rewarding job as I feel I'm doing something worthwhile to help improve the quality of life for those who need it.

I remember being part of a sit down protest. I think it's the same one Roger is talking about. We all walked out of class and went out to the front of the main building. It was such a buzz but I can't really remember what we were protesting about!

Steven, Andrew, Robbie and her husband

My husband has booked for us to go to Jamaica 23rd April 2006 for two weeks holiday as 25th wedding anniversary present to me. It will be the first time I'll have visited Jamaica since I left in 1972. I'm so excited and of course I intend on visiting some of my old haunts especially Priory!

It was because of this holiday booking that we on an off chance found this website. I just couldn't believe it. It has brought back so many fond memories and found me Micke Amshey and hopefully even more of my old friends. I'll keep you updated."


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