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Lots of visitors to the site ask what Priory is like these days. The pictorial guide below results from visits made by Alastair Crawford and Suzanne Ince during 2005 and most recently John Downey and Julian Spence in 2008. 


Julian Spence


I spent some time at Priory this week. The pictures tell the story.

Liberty have hired a full time Property Manager who took me on a tour. They have some pictures of the before and after of  the refurbishing work done already. Liberty have now taken over possession of the entire property and you can see the condition that they have received it in.


11th July 2008












John Downey


During my days this building which rests near Hope Road was used for wood working class.  Today it appears botanical studies is trying to take over…..……



As a student who appears to be following in my academic footsteps takes a break from the strains of class, you can see what at one point was the Princeton house meeting area sans fence.  One student told us they still have houses, but the house names are local names.

Upper Field


No distinctive track markings and the tennis courts that at one time were to the right of the building in this photo are gone.

Upper field, looking from the auditorium towards the lower field.

This classroom bordered the athletic field, and was used by Mrs. Dunham and Mrs. Mendes during my day for fourth grade classes.

The elementary school assembly area is still there, and in the background you can see the classroom that Jean Bertram used to dispense her special brand of fire and brimstone.


Open space now where the original Priory building once stood.  The footprint for the building is discernable at the edges of the asphalt walk


The portion of the lower field which bordered the police club.  During my time there was an amphitheatre which if it still existed would be in the right in this photo.

The large mango tree which once had a bench that circled the trunk now has a different set of benches around it.  The field that once extended to Hope Road is now a paved parking lot.   There were no signs of the mango and sky juice vendors that used to visit at the end of the school day.

Many moons ago this was once the meeting place for McGill house


Some of the classrooms on the lower level are used as administrative offices. 

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        Where the main building once stood (Alastair Crawford)


Where the main building was - another view (Suzanne Ince)                       


                          Classroom view (Alastair Crawford)                      


                            Chemistry Lab (Alastair Crawford)                        


            View across the Playing Fields (Alastair Crawford)    


Playing fields in use (Suzanne Ince)                                   


Mrs Vivenne Stewart - present Principal of Priory (Suzanne Ince)


Gail Lawson and Suzie Williams run the Junior School (Suzanne Ince)         


                                   Priory School Bags J$300 each (Suzanne Ince) 


Classroom View (Suzanne Ince)                                         


                                          Another Classroom View (Suzanne Ince)




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