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Adopting a suggestion from Dr. Fred Mann, a teacher at Priory in the 1940s, I have created this page to capture the history of the Priory School. What I'll do over time is to add pictures and stories with the aim of making it as complete as possible. Now this a page I do need some help with please!


Priory Views 1947


Pictures provided by Peter Vaculik and taken by Gillon Ross and Joy Smatt (Wates)




Priory Driveway


Priory Kitchen Building


Priory Rear


Priory Roadside


Priory Tennis Courts




Blue Mountain Hike



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Sports Day 1949


This video was kindly sourced by Peter Vaculik and shows some converted silent cine film from the 1949 Sports Day at Priory.




Unable to view from this window? Click here to view at YouTube


Story of The Priory House





The Priory School is founded




These pictures were provided by Dr. Fred Mann. Thank you.


                      Dr. Fred Mann and his Class in 1945


The Priory School photo 1945 - the Main Building          


                                       Teaching Staff 1945


Mrs. McDonald with the youngest class C2                



       This photo was captioned 'Part of the Children with Fat Harty'    






1947 Cricket Team (Gillon Ross)




Blue Mountain Hike (Gillon Ross)




The Priory Arch (Gillon Ross)



Hope Road View (Gillon Ross)




Cricket scenes (Gillon Ross) 





A birthday party scene (Peter Vaculik)













Amateur dramatics (Georgette Motycka)



Assembly 1958 (Georgette Motycka)



Babe corner (Georgette Motycka)



Class of 58 (Georgette Motycka)



Girls v Boys cricket (Georgette Motycka)



Girls v Boys cricket (Georgette Motycka)



Sports Day 1958 (Georgette Motycka)



Sports Day 1958 (Georgette Motycka)





The famous front entrance to the Priory main building in September 1962.  

(picture from Paula Jackson)                               




In 1974 founder of Priory Henry Fowler and his wife Greta Fowler retired from active involvement in Priory. David Taylor kindly provided us with these two newspaper clippings from the Gleaner.



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