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Remember Peter Baron

Peter Baron 1974

Peter Baron 2009


When did you attend Priory

  72-73, 73-74 (grades 3&4)


How did you locate the Priory website?

My brother sent me the link (Kilby)



Who were your most memorable teachers?

I enjoyed both my teachers (Ms. Lewis for grade three, Ms. Downey for grade four)


Mrs. Sally Downey and Miss Bonnie Lewis


Who were your best friends at Priory?

Steven Ware (went to his house a few times), William Mahfood (we liked to be naughty together), Kirk Matthews and Scott Mayo (always up for fun), Edmund Prawl (a good wrestling pal), Susan Burrowes and Gae Machado ( kind souls), and Cheryl Varnado (picture perfect).    

William Mahfood, Kirk Matthews, Edmund Prawl, Susan Burrowes and Gae Machado


Cheryl Varnado

Who are you in touch with today?

I met Steven Ware through a mutual friend in Ottawa Canada on one occasion. I will need to track him down again.

Steven Ware


Who would you like to track down?

All of the above


What was the wildest thing you did at Priory?

Grabbed an escaped  parrot that had flown onto the fence during recess in effort to impress friends. (we had owned parrots at one time and so naturally I was an expert). I didn't know they could bite so hard.  Had a "friend" put a pencil on my seat (the pointy end up).  It was the same day we taped our play (Rumpelstiltskin) for public television station. My leg/butt hurt for days.


Tell us about your memories of Priory and Jamaica

A great place to spend those years of my life. I wish I had been there for a few more.


Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

No one was too crazy in the third and fourth grade. I do remember the day I let Scott Mayo play my marble for me against a big kid who had a cannon ball. The odds were heavily in the other guys' favour because Scott had to hit him five (or was it seven?) times and the kid only had to hit our marble once. It was magic out there on the playground that day because Scott won! He kept my marble and I got the cannon ball. The end of the story is the guy met me down at the bus stop after school and took it back. He said the odds were not fair for such a great cannon ball.  If you ask me, the odds were very fair.  That big kid was CRAZY!

Scott Mayo


Where do you live and what do you do nowadays?

In Cedar Rapids Iowa. I am a teacher at a boarding school. It is a long way from sunny beautiful Jamaica let me tell you.


Tell us about any significant others

I've been married for 18 years to my lovely wife Kim and I have four children (ages 12,14,15,17).

Peter and Kim with 3 of their children


Tell us about your most unusual meeting with a Priory person

The time was last week, the place was my brain, and the how was this web site. A reminder that I really did go to Priory and I really do remember those guys from way back when.



What do you think of the Priory Website?

It looks great. Thanks to those who have been working on it.




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ęStephen Smith 2009

Published on the Priory Website Sunday 5th July 2009


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