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Remember Pam Henry

Pam Henry 1972

Pam Henry 2009


When did you attend Priory



How did you locate the Priory website?

Stephen emailed me about it


Who were your most memorable teachers?

Mr. Jackson. He taught European and American history so well that my friend Jamie Firth and I took both in the same year. He was able to make the subject come alive. He was a gifted teacher.

Dr. Dale Jackson


Who were your best friends at Priory?

Debbie Brown, Jamie Firth, Elaine Petriw and Janet Palmer. We had so much fun together and I can remember talking on the phone for hours with Jamie and Elaine after we had spent the day together at school. I can't imagine what we had to talk about.     

Debbie Brown, Jamie Firth, Elaine Petriw and Janet Palmer


Who are you in touch with today?

Jamie Firth and I still exchange cards at Christmas and I have been in touch with a few friends through this web site.

Jamie Firth


Who would you like to track down?

Any of my classmates or friends from my years at Priory.


What was the wildest thing you did at Priory?

Snuck into a private club at night with some friends and were chased out by the guard dogs. I think we were very lucky to have outrun those dogs.


Tell us about your memories of Priory and Jamaica

Priory school was a charmed place when I was there. It so different than anything I had ever experienced and it will always have a special place in my heart.

I met many wonderful friends and had some adventures that I will never forget.


Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

Simon Blake, hands down.

Simon Blake


Where do you live and what do you do nowadays?

I live with my husband Lou in Sarnia, Ontario. I am a Registered Nurse and work in the operating room of a hospital in Port Huron, Michigan (just across the border from us).


Tell us about any significant others

We have a 24 year old daughter, Alexandra, who is in Graduate school at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and  22 year son Nick at university in Waterloo, Ontario. My husband Lou teaches English at one of the high schools here in town.


Tell us about your most unusual meeting with a Priory person

Years ago I ran into Marc Ratcliffe in a record store in Toronto, it was great to see him.

Marc Ratcliffe


What do you think of the Priory Website?

The website is awesome. It is a terrific forum for the Priory community to meet and get to know each other again. Thank you Stephen for this opportunity you have done a great job.




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Published on the Priory Website Tuesday 7th July 2009


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