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Remember Mark Morin?

Mark Morin now

When did you attend Priory?

From 1971 thru 1976

Who is your most unforgettable teacher from Priory?

Mrs Chavannes and Ms Foxynorris both taught me art.They were very frendly and down to earth.I learned a lot from both

Who were your best friends at school?

Some of my best friends at Priory are Ken Morris, Kurt & Craig Hedmann, Peter Gregory, Stephan Cobbold, Ray Williams & Michael Cawley

Who are you in touch with now?

Peter Gregory, Kurt & Craig Hedmann, Stephan Cobbold, Michael Cawley, Ray Williams & Douglas Galbraith

Who would you like to trace if we could?

Michael & Jonnie Matalon, Michael Brown & Winston Grant

What's the wildest thing you ever did at Priory?

Chasing the girls after the science teacher left the class on the bottom field; climbing up trees after them in their mini-skirts

Who was the crazies person you knew at Priory?

Craig Hedmann whose antics are too numerous to mention

Where do you live and what do you do now?

I live in Miami Florida were I work at Fedex

Tell us about any significant others

I am married to Caroline Goodbody Morin who went to St. Andrews high school. She is a teacher at the University of Miami. She works in a program for drug exposed children. We have one son Sean who is 16.He is studying drama in high school & hopes to pursue theatre in college

What do you think of the Priory website?

I think it is a great way to re kindle lost friendships made during my school years

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