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Remember Julie Webster?


                  Julie 1972

Julie now


When did you teach at Priory?

        1968 - 1973


Who were your most unforgettable teachers?

My most unforgettable teachers were actually the Priory students.  I learned so much from them about commitment, dedication, creativity, humour, working together, risk taking, and having fun ...among other things. I am STILL learning from them even though some are thousands of miles away.  Although each year at Priory I changed hats, when I was "Head of Student Activities" and working with the senior school,  I was able to see close up and experience the student's level of creativity and brilliance. They excelled in so many different arenas and at their best they were truly my awesome role models.

Julie & Henry Fowler

  • Henry Fowler's patience and confidence in my abilities

  • Pat Bourke's effervescent spirit, political view points, and photographs

  • Norah Hernould's kindness and underground information

  • Ivy Bell's diplomacy and excellent leadership qualities  

  • Nancy Anderson's dedication

  • Richard Wingate's free spirit and boyish qualities 

  • John Batten's attention to detail and courage  

  • Diana Kirpatrick's generosity, enthusiasm and passion

  • Jean Bertram's Administrative quality, awareness and beauty

  • Ian Slater's knowledge of history, and diligence  

  • Karen Castel's friendship

  • Richard Reeve's motorcycle  

  • The Tansey's good looks, calm and normalcy  

  • Graham Davis' politeness and talent

  • Sat. morning baseball players in my old B3// class

  • Mr. Myers' loving smile and stories 

  • Miss Lou's tasty food and telephone

Mr. Myers - a loving smile


Who were your most unforgettable students?

My list would look like this:

  • Simon Blake, for having the courage on Graduation to STREAK.

  • Randy Cargill for having the courage to be himself and come to school anyway.

  • All of Priory girls who looked so glamorous in the Priory Fashion show.

  • Peter Couch for being so attached to his camera.

  • Charles Carroll for being such a "hunk."

  • Ed Morgan for making so much money off the Tuck Shop!

  • Ian Slater for having the courage to teach his "almost" peers.

  • Elaine Petriw and Judy Drapp, Janet Palmer for their incredible work behind the scenes.

  • Allison Bruneman and Kristie Elrod for being so compliant and cooperative especially with teachers!

Kristie Elrod -'compliant'

Arthur Kitchin - great debater


Who were your best friends at school?

Students: Ed Morgan, Randy Cargill, Judy Drapp, Peter Couch, Francisco Smith, David Taylor, Howard Coxe, Mike Taylor, Tim Paulin,  Ernesto Hedges, Neal Paxson, Philip Trench my Saturday morning baseball boys

Teachers: Henry Fowler, Patrick Bourke, Norah Hernould, Nancy Anderson, Diana Kirpatrick, Karen Castel, Ian Slater

Patrick Bourke in classic pose

Who are you in touch with now?

Ed Morgan, Simon Blake, Randy Cargill, Francisco Smith, Charles Carroll, Alan Dawson, Ian Slater, Doug Brown, Peter Couch, Julian Spence, Neal Paxson and the Slave driver Stephen Smith.



 Who would you like to trace if we could?

Mike Taylor (Canada), David Taylor, Judy Drapp, Karen Castel, Peter Sherwood, Tammy Bourke, Arthur Kitchin, Louise Anderson,  Pauline Gamble's Mom,  Stephen Coore



What's the wildest thing you ever did at Priory?

Went on an overnight camping trip, on a deserted tropical island in Port Antonio, with two tents full of Priory senior school BOYS!  (Was I out of my mind?) my VW bug to the Priory Motor Mechanics students to FIX (again...what was I thinking?) Allowing Ed to ride in my car on the way to a caving expedition and when the car mysteriously caught fire watching Ed put the fire out in a most unique way!"

Julie's car after Ed Morgan fixed it


Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

Editor Ed Morgan for convincing me to trust one of his front page articles of "Spirit" without reading it. Henry and the parents nearly fired me for allowing it to be written! Can anyone guess, (or remember), what the topic was?


Where do you live and what do you do now?

Los Angeles, (Santa Monica) I am teaching, (in schools and in private practice), students with "Learning Differences" ...Priory prepared me well for this career.

Julie loves the ocean

After Priory I received a Master's and Educational Specialist's degree in Education and Human Development Counselling from the George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee.  I owned my own company for ten years organizing households, lived in a Buddhist meeting house, was on the board of directors of an Inter-Denominational Buddhist Temple, helped  in authoring a best selling book in the field of Body/Mind alternative health field, sold educational films nation wide, helped to run Broadcast Promotion conventions nationally, became an astrologer, a certified hypnotherapist, became a minister, and in 1990 went back to full time teaching in a school for students with dyslexia.  My "idea development" involvement keeps growing and may someday turn into a full fledged company. Occasionally I have time to enjoy my passions, rowing, biking, hiking, and writing poetry, writing songs, fabric painting, photography, volunteering to charities, and since 911 being politically active on every street corner in LA.



Tell us about any significant others

Having been engaged to a wonderful Jamaican for four years while at Priory, I managed to successfully escape, and have done so several times since then.  Freedom is apparently very important for me.  My longest relationship was with my giant Sharpie/Rottweiller dog, (14yrs), and pet pig, Sir Francis Bacon.   


Tell us about any unusual meeting with a past student of Priory. When, where, how?

Randy Cargill is now 'Randall' and looks and acts like a 'Randall'. If you're wondering what our free spirit boy looks like in a business suit, shoes short hair and BLUE eyes, check out some of his recent photos. No tree house again for this boy! His HEART is the same and when I can coax him into a Jamaican patois he is just the same wonderful human being full of energy, wonder, creativity, and humour...actually...more than ever. I have so enjoyed my visits with Randy and his family. Hard to think of him as a Grandpa.

Julie and Randall's reunion

Peter Couch and Julian were the perfect hosts when I returned to Jamaica in 1996 for a semester to help Henry Fowler transition Priory from its former status to the current one. It was an emotional time for all but an honour to work closely with Henry once again.

Julian Spence, Julie and Peter Couch 1995


What do you think of the Priory site?

Love the website but the web-mistro is a slave driver. I promise to get even with him someday! Being back in touch with the Priory students and teachers has enormously enriched my life. I had given up on finding so many of them. Henry envisioned just what is happening, (thanks to Stephen), a Priory network of friendship and support. Even now, with Priory no longer physically being ours, the connections I made and am renewing, and the memories I have will continue to be forever magical and treasured.

I welcome your emails...visit my website and I'm sure I will  remember you!


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