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Remember Jonathan Wall?


When did you attend Priory?


Who is your most unforgettable teacher from Priory?

My most unforgettable teacher was John Batten - Maths. I don't think any other teacher held my attention for 4 years straight. Also Mrs Hernould - English. I'm still in touch with her.

Who were your best friends at school?

Malcom Hernould, Stefan Cobbold, Donna Palamino and Kim Hubbard


Donna Palamino  Kim Hubbard

Who are you in touch with now?

Malcom Hernould, Stefan Cobbold

Who would you like to trace if we could?

Donna Palamino

What's the wildest thing you ever did at Priory?

I was the class idiot - no change there then. I 'helped' in Henry Fowler's office quite a lot, in fact I had my own chair.

Who was the wildest person during your time at Priory?

Probably David Gregg or Mario Machado. If you see him say hi for me, that motor bike of his nearly killed me!

Where do you live and what do you do now?

I live in England , and I'm a mechanical engineer

Tell us about any significant others

I have 3 kids and I'm old free and single

What do you think of the Priory website?

First I've seen, it looks very good to me. Keep up the good work, and a Florida reunion sounds great . I will be in Florida for the whole of January would love to hook up if possible


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