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Jon and Kat Meet in London After 30 years

This week instead of the usual interview, I thought that it would be fun to see how a recent reunion went. I asked Jonathan Wall and Katarina Megevand the same set of questions.  Kat also provide the photos which should encourage us all to make the effort and meet up - it looks like it was fun!


What they looked like in 1974


How long since you'd had contact ?

Kat: Started communicating by email early October. I saw Jon's name on a website..., I think.

Jon:   Kat got in touch with me from an old web site. I'm really glad - its been great to meet and talk. We've been in contact for about 3 months now. 

What did you remember him/her being like at Priory?

Kat: Tall (langa-lalla in patois !), very amusing with always something humorous to say ... that hasn't changed !

Jon: I remember Kat as such a shy Kat and shy are opposites. She is so full of fun and life!

What were your expectations about meeting up after 30 years?

Kat: 30 years down the road ! We had been communicating a lot by email and on the 'phone before meeting in London so  I was used to his English twang. I figured it'd be fun !

Jon:   I was nervous. It could have been a disaster (just kidding!!) We had spoken on the phone a few times so I was looking forward to it.

What was it like to meet up again? Did you get on well?

Kat: It was like opening a Xmas present when you were a child ! Very moving and we just looked at each other and laughed all evening !

Jon:  Fantastic! Do you know it was like we were friends who had been apart for a week's holiday and were catching up on the last 7 days.   

How has Jon/Kat changed?

Kat: We've both aged outside but when we talk together we are 16 !!!

Jon: That's where it falls apart. Kat's got beautiful and younger but me...............just look at the pictures..............  

Will you stay in contact now?

Kat: What do you think ?

Jon:  It has taken 30 years to find a friend like Kat - we better had!

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