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Meet John Matalon

John and Eugenia with daughters Alexandra and Daniella

When did you attend Priory?

 1969 - 1974

Who was your Most Unforgettable Teacher?

 That would have to be Mrs. Gregory. You could not fool around in her class. She always demanded a 100% attention. She was strict but fair and she made you learn.

Who Were Your Best Friends at Priory?

 Johnny Valentine ( alias Dry Balls ) Roberto Clivio, James Trench and Phillip Trench

Who Are You In Touch With Now?

 Johnny Valentine, Roberto Clivio, and just recently Mr. Smith.

Who Would You Like to Trace?

 I would like to find out about Lorna Acevedo and Pam Henry.

Pam Henry

What was the Wildest Thing You Did at Priory?

 Got intimate one afternoon with a lady. Can't say who or where.

Who Was the Craziest Person at Priory?

That would have to be the Trench brothers.

Where Do You Live and What Do You Do Now?

Recently returned to Jamaica after working away for the past 20 years. Lived in Cayman Islands and the Eastern Caribbean I am general manager and a Director of the company's marine construction division.

Tell Us About Any Significant Others

I have been married for the past 20 years. my wife Eugenia is from Mexico. We have 2 daughters, Daniella 14 and Alexandra 11. Both super girls. We are an outdoors family. Love mountain biking, fishing, windsurfing and working out.

What Do You Think of the Priory Site?

GREAT. Smitty you deserve a round of congratulations. I would like to see more recent photos of past students.

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