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Remember John Carroll?

John Carroll attended Priory from 1970 until 1972 with his older brother Charles. Back then he looked like this -

He has changed a bit in the last 37 years.

John Carroll 2009


Most Unforgettable Teacher at Priory

 Mr. George Cox. He was nuts in the science lab and kept us cracked up all the time!

Best Friends at Priory

William Fong Yee, John Tunschel, Michael Levy, Lee Rae Alexakos, John Matalon, Christopher Ringhoff, Donovan Harris, Kristy Elrod, Stephen Sandifer, Cyril Bailey, Leigh Ann Eubanks, Neil Padgett, Billy Turner, ..everyone in Form B-2 in 1970-71

Who Are You In Touch With Now From Your Priory Days?

No-one (Stephen's note - hopefully that will now change!)

Who Would You Like To Trace?

William Fong Yee, Lee Rae Alexakos, Leigh Ann Eubanks, John Tunschel, Gay Savage...1972 anyone!

What Was the Wildest Thing You Ever Did at Priory?

 Lighting up a cigarette as we drove out of the parking lot each afternoon and heading to the Sheraton to hang out. Hanging out at Trafalgar Square ...playing the slots. It was just an awesome time in my life!

Who Was the Craziest Person You Knew Back Then?

Donovan Harris....kept us all in stitches a lot of the time!

Where Do You Live and What Do You Do Now?

Waco, Texas

I am the Pastor and  Founder of The River Church Waco, Texas A growing non-denominational church in downtown Waco

Tell Us About Any Significant Others

My late wife was Patricia Murphy Carroll.

I have two daughters, 23 year old Brooke in Law School in Fort Worth, 19 year old Bethany in college at University of Texas at Arlington studying Athletic training, and a 16 year old son Luke. He is a great student and starting running back on varsity football team


What Do You Think of the Priory Site?

Great! It's time had come!



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