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Remember Hugh Black?

Hugh Black


When did you attend Priory?

1959 - 1965 but then hung around later!


Who was your most unforgettable teacher?

I have always been totally scared of anyone with the last name Bourke. I think in my youth Mr. Bourke must have felt I was in need of the dreaded strap!


Who were your best friends at Priory?

Keith Slater and everyone in the Brown's (Debbie, Donna and Rhonda) era.


      Who are you in touch with now

Well there is you (Stephen) now, Keith and I have kept sporadically in touch - twice in ten years counts!

Keith Slater - coming or going?

Who would you like to trace if you could?

Did Chris Sherwood shoot out into space never to return? If he did did he take the Ratcliffe brothers with him (Marc and Kip)?

What was the wildest thing you did at Priory?

My brother Stuart claims to have played the "I'll show you... if you show me" game with Emily Jenkinson and Sue Douthwaite. Either he is living vicariously through me or Sue and Emily weren't being true to me! Other than that, it must have been somebody else!


Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

Does anybody remember the Carneys (Neil and Collin I think)? They were outright nuts. Another duo comes to mind, I think the Williams crew was a close second - Steve and Bear

Where do you live and what do you do now?

We live in Barrie Ontario, about an hour north of Toronto. I am the creative director of a television station in the Toronto market.

Tell us about any significant others

My wife Nicole has put up with me for going on 22 years! We have two goofballs, goofball #1 is Emily, she is 14yrs and goofball #2 is Erica who will be 13yrs in Sept. Oh yeah, a couple of weeks ago we added puppy to the fold.

What do you think of the think of site?

I think it is great! It really did bring back a bunch of very hazy memories.

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