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Remember Mrs. Ethel Fulford?


Mrs Fulford in 1973

Mrs Fulford 2005

The Fulfords have been students at Priory since the 1950's. The first ones there were my brother-in-law John and my husband Arthur.  When we attended a cocktail reunion party Mr Fowler found out that I was a teacher & immediately suggested that I join the staff.  I did so in 1969 and I taught Home Economics there for 6 years enjoying every minute of it. Thank you Mr. Fowler & HAPPY BIRTHDAY as well. 

When Fraser was 5 years old he started in the Prep School and the next year Drew came to Priory Prep as well.  They stayed and completed their education before going to Canada to do Grade 13 and then graduate as Engineers from Waterloo University.  They were very shy prep school students at first but soon made friends and eventually even represented Jamaica in both squash and sailing. Fraser took skiing and softball seriously in Canada but Drew kept up his squash & sailing instead.  They have both done very well in their chosen professions which are directly connected to computer technology. 

I left Jamaica in 1994 to return to my homeland Canada and have adapted very easily to a relaxed way of life. I still meet and befriend many Jamaicans here but also keep in touch with those I knew on the island. There are times when I miss Jamaica & my friends there but I keep myself busy going to a gym 3 mornings a week & doing masses of genealogy research.   

I really appreciate what Stephen is doing for us & hope that he continues to keep this site alive.  Thanks Stephen !

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