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Remember Debbie Brown?

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Back Zachary, Debbie

Centre Sierra

Front Eddie, Cheyenne

When did you attend Priory?

1969 - 1972


Who was your most unforgettable teacher?

Mr. and Mrs. Tansey jump to mind. I think because they were younger than some of the other teachers they seem to connect with their students. And Mr. Tansey was great eye candy at that time!
The school was really unforgettable...the classrooms with the huge garage like doors, class under trees, and on the veranda. What a great setting.


Who were your best friends at Priory?

My boyfriend, geezz that sounds strange after 30 years of marriage....well, he was Marc Ratcliffe. We dated nearly the whole time I was there. I adored his younger brother Kippy. I've tried a number of times to find both. Other friend, Keith Slater, Michelle Turner, Chris Sherwood, Sara Jeffery, Evan McConnal (remember the food shack, I always said he has to be a millionaire because he loved making money there), Pam, Nancy and Tom Henry. I wish my memory was better I know I've left out lots of good friends.


Who are you in touch with now

Not really anyone. I talked a few years ago to Denny Wilson. My parents kept up with the Elrods for a while after we left; David and Christie Elrod. I talked to Vickie about 10 years ago...darn can't remember her last name (NICHOLS?) and my yearbooks are packed away. What I miss most is not having a high school reunion.


Who would you like to trace if you could?

Marc and Kippy Ratcliffe, Sara Jeffery, Evan McConnell and Gary Stiles


Evan McConnell

What was the wildest thing you did at Priory?

Wear those bikinis! Drive with a nut that had been drinking Red Stripe all evening. (STEPHEN'S COMMENT -IT WAS NOT ME!)


Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

Humm, hard to say just one person. To me today, walking home from the movie theatre late at night was crazy. How about eating the patties off the patty wagon, what was in those wonderful snacks??!! I think each of us were crazy at some point.


Where do you live and what do you do now?

We moved from Jamaica to Stone Mountain Georgia for about 2 years then back to Texas. I live now in Waxahachie (Walks-a-hatchie) just about 30 miles south of Dallas. I am a stay at home mom. I am totally addicted to reading romance books, quilting, gardening, and crafting. I am the caregiver for my father in law who lives in our guest house, then when my daughter goes back to working at the bank I will take care of grandson. My oldest daughter is in college, Cheyenne is 22 and just had our first grandson. My middle daughter Sierra is 19 works as hair stylist. My son Zachary is 17 and a junior at Waxahachie High School. My grandson Thomas was born Jan. 2. We have 6 dogs, one beagle and 5 Chihuahuas.


Tell us about any significant others

I've been married for 30 years to my very own cowboy, Eddie Gilbert. He works for a western wear company, Sidran Mfg. They have Wrangler and Cripple Creek brands. They make the PBR (Professional Bull Rider) jackets.
We meet on July 4th 1974 and married August 31 of the same year. It was love at first sight....actually, he was trying to date my younger sister, Donna...she thought he was too old for her! So I took the date.


What do you think of the think of site?

I love it. You've done a wonderful job Stephen.


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