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Remember David Hill

David 1973

David in 2005 with wife Barb


When did you attend Priory



Who were your most memorable teachers?

There were many who made a mark on me. The notable ones were: Mr. Hobson (who would run the films backwards to rewind the spool, much to our great amusement); Mrs. Crook - the best English teacher I ever had; Mr. Brinn - the coolest rugby playing Physics teacher around


                                                             Earl Hobson  Martin Brinn

Who were your best friends at Priory?

Dan Scarffe, Scott Tapson, Cyril Bailey, Dewayne Wellborne, Alan Crawford, Stephan Cobbold.


                                                          Cyril Bailey           Dan Scarffe

Who are you in touch with today?

Through the website I have been able to meet up with Scott Tapson and am planning a min-reunion with other ex-Prioryites this Summer

Scott Tapson

Who would you like to track down?

All of the above mentioned best friends.


What was the wildest thing you ever did at Priory?

I got Mrs. (seal yo lips) Sangster to the point where even my mere arrival to class would get me ejected.

Hope Sangster

Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

This had to be Mr. Clerkin. I'm still not sure if he was one of the students or a teacher!

Sean Clerkin

Where do you live and what do you do nowadays?

I live in Calgary, Canada and I work for the provincial oil and gas regulator as a conflict resolution mediator. (Mrs. Sangster will not believe this if she reads it!)


Tell us about any significant others

Happily married for 27 years to Barb with three boys (23, 22 and 19)


What do you think of the Priory Website?

I can't believe how much it stimulates the dormant memory cells to recall people and events I would never have done otherwise.


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