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Remember Amy Moyers?


              Amy c.1974

Amy with daughter Katie


When did you attend Priory?



Who was your most unforgettable teacher?

Barry Day. We were all in love with Mr. Day, who was as good an English teacher as he was good looking. We've remained good friends with Barry and Sue, who we spent the first week in August 2005 with in upstate New York.


Good looking Mr. Day ! 


Who were your best friends at school?

Jean Sherman, Joy Savage, Charlotte Malabre, Stacey Morgan, Shona Hunter, Robin Weinburg, Mary and Cathy Keenan, Guy Hoogendyke, Andy Racine, Gary?, Mickey Parchment


                                                                                  Mary Keenan                Charlotte Malabre                                                                        

Who are you in touch with now?

Barry and Sue Day. I was in touch with Guy Hoogendyke a few years ago, who was living in Toronto.


 Who would you like to trace if we could?



What's the wildest thing you ever did at Priory?

We stole white rum from Stacey Morgan's parents and did a few things I'd rather forget. Other than that I was pretty much straight up and just a little naive!!

Stacey Morgan

Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?


Where do you live and what do you do now?

We live just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I've been a stay at home mom, worked part time for The Limited and our business, a Jeep/Suzuki dealership. If I could, I'd play golf every day of the week.


Tell us about any significant others

Jim and I have been married 26 years. We have four great kids- Katie 24, who just married, James 22, Russell 17 and Daniel 11.


What do you think of the Priory site?

It's great! Thank you so much!


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Published on 30 November 2005

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