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Remember Alda Gomez

Alda Gomez 1975

Alda Gomez 2009


When did you attend Priory

  1972 - 1977


How did you locate the Priory website?

I surfed to see what was online for Priory


Who were your most memorable teachers?

I think I really had a good experience at the school and they all were great!


Who were your best friends at Priory?

Sarah Philpott, Janice Harvey, Sumya Diaz   


Sarah Philpott, Janice Harvey and Sumya Diaz


Who are you in touch with today?

No one as yet but hoping to here from some of them.


Who would you like to track down?

Sure it would be great to hear from them again.


What was the wildest thing you did at Priory?

Volunteering to speak on behalf of Colombia in an international day and then freaking because I froze.


Tell us about your memories of Priory and Jamaica

I had great memories of Priory, the sports, the friends all in all those years there were absolutely great!


Who was the craziest person during your time at Priory?

Can't recall


Where do you live and what do you do nowadays?

I live in Toronto, Canada and I work for a University as advisor to students in different program areas.


Tell us about any significant others

I have a son who is now 22yr finishing University he is a kineseologist and also personal trainer.   I married my Guatemalan husband here in Canada who works in the aviation field.

Alda Gomez with her son in Beijing

Alda Gomez with her husband in Beijing


Tell us about your most unusual meeting with a Priory person

Actually, when I arrived in Toronto, I was walking in the street one day coming out of College and I met up with Carla Andrade in the middle of the street it was such a wacky place to meet someone from Priory.

Carla Andrade


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