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Welcome to the Priory Website. My name is Stephen Smith and I attended Priory from 1966 to 1972. I enjoyed my time there so much and made so many great friends, that I decided to try and re-create some of those relationships and extend that to others via this site and its sister site

When I founded this site back in 2004 I tried to update it weekly and there was no shortage of new material. Gradually though the task became to much of a demand on my time and more modern social media filled peoples' need for instant communication.

Consequently in June 2013 I decided to re-launch the site as a reference for past students, teachers, parents and friends. Most of the old features will continue especially the Directory of e-mail addresses, interviews, photographs and history. However 'live news' will appear on the Priory Facebook page which already has over 200 members. Click here to view and join.

Meanwhile, below you'll find the index of contents and some brief explanation. Please browse to your heart's content and enjoy. Remember anything Priory related that you may have please forward it to me. If you know of a past Priory student or teacher not listed in the Directory, please tell me. If you have 'live news' or a question either post it on the Priory Facebook page or e-mail me.

Use these buttons to navigate to other pages on the Priory Website


This button takes you to the tribute page of the founder of Priory, Mr. Henry Fowler


 This button takes you to the index of e-mail addresses of past Priory students and teachers. Maybe you'll find an old friend you are looking for. 

 Priory Directory


This button takes you to the Priory Photo album. There are many shots of Priory people now and then as well as familiar Priory scenery


 This button takes you to a page featuring the history of Priory School

  Priory History 

This button takes you to a page with news about modern day Priory and its successor Liberty Priory Academy

 Priory Today 

This button takes you to a page where you can complete an interview to be featured on the site. Don't forget to attach your now picture!


This button takes you to the page where all of the interviews previously published on the site are housed. There are many. Take a look and catch up with some old friends.

  Interview Archive

This button takes you to the Yearbook Website. I think that every one published is there.

  Yearbook Website


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